I’m sure I can speak for the rest of your yogis when I say your classes are definitely helping get us through the current Covid situation. For myself, you’re keeping me sane. My kids thank you nearly as much as I do! – Aoife

Thanks Alice, for another great online class this morning. Love that I can take more classes, my posture and back are really feeling the benefits, and it’s a great escape!! Thank you. – Maria

Love it. I didn’t think I would but it’s so handy and I find I’m focusing more on the poses because I can see you more clearly and there is no distraction whatsoever. The temptation to stay on the floor at the end is very, very real. – Joe

The classes are great Alice as their availability helps me to feel a sense of normality. I am continuing yoga via Zoom so my day has a structure and I have a daily routine as per normal. Happy days! – Rose

Loving the classes Alice, so calming during this time, and they bring some normality to our week. Thank you. – Noreen

Really loving the online classes Alice. They give a focus to the week in the current climate. It might not be quite the same as live classes but it’s a very close second. I love that I can do more than one a week. It also means that people who can’t get to your classes either geographically or otherwise have the opportunity to do them. I’m really hoping you continue some element of this into the future. Very positive feedback from family members who have joined up. Thanks! – Breege

I’m loving the classes Alice. I haven’t been able to find a class as enjoyable as yours since we moved. It’s great to be able to connect from Cork. So easy to just roll out my mat and log on. It’s been a life saver during this pandemic. – Sara

I’m loving the classes Alice. I love that I can do more than one a week it’s really helping me keep up some sort of routine. – Lorraine.


I really enjoy attending my lunchtime yoga class. It is my favourite part of my working week. Alice is an excellent teacher. She is really passionate about her profession and it shows during each class. She varies classes from week to week and we are never bored. I’m really getting the benefits from the class and would highly recommend Alice.

I really enjoy this class. It definitely set me on the road to becoming healthier and more active. Alice is an excellent teacher and works well with people of all abilities.

Attending yoga class every week is like a little oasis in an otherwise hectic life. It brings me back “into my body” and reminds me to try and take care of it. I love Alice’s gentle yet very effective manner.  Regardless of what might be going on in anybody’s life, the class is a little space for peace.

Alice Carroll is a wonderful yoga teacher. She has that gentle calming influence while at the same time quietly encouraging each participant to improve. I don’t know a person who would not benefit from yoga and from being in Alice’s company. I am a strong believer in the connection between mind and body and yoga allows me to live and work more effectively.

So glad to have the opportunity to say a massive thank you to you Alice. You really put your heart and soul into the class. I’m completely hooked. Yoga has helped me to connect with my body in a way I never have before. I honestly cannot go a week without a good stretch, it makes me feel so good in body and in mind! You’re a fantastic teacher Alice.

 I have done yoga classes in the past but I find these classes to be much better. As a teacher you have a great energy that allows the student to feel relaxed and at ease in your class. I thoroughly enjoy your classes and look forward to the next one as soon as I have just finished a class.

I enjoy that it gives me an hour’s calming relaxation, and for the first time in years, a psychological ‘space’ in which I can concentrate on the breathing exercises and postures, clear my mind and stretch my body in the serene environment induced by Alice’s clear but gentle instruction, thank you.

I absolutely love Alice’s yoga classes. I feel much better and so much more able to deal with life in general. The suppleness I have achieved in a short space of time is totally unexpected and very welcome. I hope I can continue classes forever!

Yoga Channel – Testimonials

Thanks Alice just completed my first class. It was great. Hope to do lots more through November. Great to be able to find a recording anytime.

Love love love the website Alice!!!!!

It’s easy to navigate.  It’s brilliant to be able to do a class at whatever time and for whatever duration suits me.  There is a lovely variety of classes.

The video channel is perfect for me right now, I’m fitting in 3 or 4 classes a week so far, they really are a great stress buster, thanks.

I’m loving the yoga channel.. I set aside every other afternoon for a 30 minute class.

Loving the yoga video channel.  I do feel its benefit hugely in ease of bending and general body thank you for this opportunity

I’m really enjoying your yoga channel & keeping up the daily practice…there’s lots of choice there. 

I love the video channel and that it has such a variety of yoga practices to choose from depending on my energy levels.

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